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Signs You Have A Lazy Husband And How To Deal With It – Dionne Van Zyl

Lazy Husband And How To Deal With It

Are you noticing that your husband is showing signs of laziness in life? The guy that you dreamed of and got married to is being sloppy – leading to bickering and arguments?

You may not notice this at once; it takes time to understand this – however, once you do realize it, you can work on them together.

Signs That You Have A Lazy Husband

Here are some signs that you have a lazy husband.

He Does Not Help Out In Chores, According To Dionne Van Zyl

According to Dionne Van Zyl, if you are cooking, cleaning up, doing the laundry, taking the trash out, etc, all alone – it means that you do not have a partner to help you out.

If you are maxing out your energy and your partner has not offered any help to you – this shows signs of laziness.

He Leaves A Mess Behind – Dionne Van Zyl

When you are done with all the household chores, you may want to relax. As you enter the room, you notice that your husband has tossed his shoes at two different places, and the wet towel is on the floor.

The clothes are tumbling down the cupboard, and the door of the wardrobe may be wide open. This is another sign that your partner is lazy!

He Will Try To Make You Do All The Work – Dionne Van Zyl

Even if you are both working full-time jobs, he will make excuses about being tired or something else so that he can get out of any chores. While you may have to split the bills with him, he may not be sharing his load of other things.

How to deal with a lazy husband?

If you see these signs in your husband, you can use some suggestions by Dionne Van Zyl to deal with him.

Give Them The Title Of a Hero

All the husbands want to be heroes for their wives. So, you can help them see just that. Let them know that you cannot do everything until and unless they are in it with you! This will allow them to feel a bit important and help out with everyday tasks.

Do not do everything yourself – if you do that, you might be in a huge problem! They will depend on you for everything and get even lazier.

Do Not Put On A Threatening Attitude

According to Dionne Van Zyl, you might want to scream and yell so that they understand everything – however,  this won’t solve the problem long-term. For this, you need to stop with the arguments and point fingers for a little while. If you are shouting too much, it will just make them more stubborn! 

Learn To Appreciate

When your husband actually does something, you should notice them and appreciate them for it. This will slowly but steadily allow them to form habits to help out. You can start them out by setting the table, or loading and unloading the dishwasher.

End Note

Follow these tips by Dionne Van Zyl so that you can get your husband working actively around the house. Go slow in the start and then you can ask them to do the harder chores as they get habitual.