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Overview: How Humor Contributes to a Positive Working Environment

Acuity by Dr. Dionne Van Zy

“From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.” — Dr. Seuss

They say laughter is the best medicine. At workplaces, this can be the much-needed antidote to diffusing tension. Incorporating humor into the workplace has many advantages and can boost morale and productivity. It helps people relax while also fostering teamwork, communication, and trust. To summarize, productivity is cultivated, new ideas are generated, and relationships are strengthened. 

In this article, we’ll examine Dr. Dionne Van Zyl‘s portrayal of the idea in great detail, which will explain the simple yet profound message of his work.

Humor in the Workplace – The Power of 3

In his book Acuity, Dr. Dionne explains how humor helps foster a positive working environment in three effective ways.

#1 – Humor Promotes Teamwork

All people have a latent sense of humor that only needs to be tickled to be activated. When the goal of encouraging humor is to create a fun workplace, most individuals will engage without prompting.

We generally tend to be fond of people who make us laugh and relieve stress. One feels thankful and appreciative towards these individuals. The same rule applies to employees while they’re working on team projects. In general, people exhibit better productivity when working with people with whom they have a better rapport. 

Moreover, if people are comfortable making jokes, they will be more inclined to pitch in during meetings and brainstorm effectively on projects.

#2 – Humor Promotes Productivity 

Happiness at work is a potent motivator since it increases productivity and morale. If a manager is skilled enough to make the workplace enjoyable while still producing results, they will increase output, reduce waste, and boost confidence.

A relationship’s success is frequently determined by how often its members have a good chuckle.

As a useful stress-management tool, humor can help you feel better and keep your spirits up. Feelings of joy, like those sparked by laughter, have been shown to increase cognitive activity and encourage innovative solutions to problems. 

Humor is a fantastic way to boost your confidence when facing challenges. Laughter can make us feel better about ourselves and our abilities, improving our problem-solving strategies and confidence in our ability to implement them.

#3 – Humor Promotes Efficiency 

Humor is more than just lighthearted banter and can be used effectively in many circumstances. 

If there is an absurd situation, it can be used as a commentary on the seriousness of the problem. Or if there is tension in the environment due to a project, the team won’t be as productive. When employees are ready to lash out, using humor as an outlet for their frustrations rather than turning to insults is a better strategy than succumbing to insults. 

Research says that if the frustrations result in negative feelings among the team members, it can reduce productivity by 60% as the members prefer talking about it rather than doing work. Hence, using humor to diffuse the tension before things spiral out of control helps increase efficiency. 

Fool-Proof Tips from Acuity – How to Use Humor in the Workplace

Using humor is not rocket science, although it may seem like it for some introverted folks. 

Malcolm Kushner, in his book, ‘The light touch – how to use humor for business success,’ recommends observing your workplace and cracking simply related jokes. If you weren’t the class clown in high school, here are a few ways to use humor. It would help if you avoided sensitive jokes.

The Bottom Line – Take It Easy!

Humor’s competence is not measured by how often one can crack jokes but by how well one can foster a positive atmosphere. One should be able to find solace, an outlet for self-expression, a worthy cause to lend their strength, and the chance to relax and enjoy themselves in the process.

To learn more about Dr. Dionne Van Zyl‘s expert opinions on humor in the workplace and management intelligence, get your hands on his book, Acuity.